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First and Last Scene of Adam and Reina [21 Jan 2004|03:18pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

ADAM: What do you want, Reina?
REINA: To say hi.

[REINA sits down in front of him. She stares at his uneven, left eyebrow until she sees him glance up.]

ADAM: Bye.
REINA: Do you like Fight Club?
ADAM: Do you want to leave?
REINA: Where do you want to go?
ADAM: What?
REINA: Do you like Fight Club?
ADAM: Do you want to go to the Mandan Community Center?
REINA: What time?
ADAM: What?
REINA: Do you like Fight Club?
ADAM: Do you want to go right now?
REINA: I'm hungry.
ADAM: What?
REINA: Do you like Fight Club?
ADAM: Do you want to get a Snickers bar from the vending machine together?
ADAM: What?
REINA: Do you like Fight Club?
ADAM: Let's go.

[At the vending machine at the Mandan Community Center.]

REINA: Do you like Fight Club?
ADAM: Do you?

[ADAM hands the Snickers bar to REINA. REINA pushes it back at him.]

ADAM: What do you want, Reina?

[REINA bites ADAM's ear.]

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Tuesday [18 Jan 2004|12:34pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Should I speak, today?
I think so.
Should I complain, today?
I think not.
Positive attitude?
Left pocket.
Negative attitude?
For much later.

Journalism room,
period four.
selling ads.
We hold quiet meetings,
we go about our business.
I cannot wait to see
how this Tuesday will go.

"Are you coming?"
"That's cool."
All right.
"How are you today?"
Pretty good?
"Is that a question?"
Well, yes.

Should I speak right now?
It might be good.
Do I talk too much?
Open mouth, insert foot.

"What's that quote from?"
I don't know.
"Dumb and dumber."
It's been a while.
"I often quote from three different kinds of movies."
I often quote Drew Barrymore movies.
".... you're psycho."

Journalism room,
second lunch.
I'll write it out.
I sit quietly in the back room,
I go about my business.
I cannot fail to believe
how this Tuesday fell through.

Should I talk, today?
Not anymore.
Should I complain, today?
I'm worthless.
Positive attitude?
I threw it.
Negative attitude?
Much later came too soon.

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Surrealistic Nightmare [18 Jan 2004|10:57pm]

as marionettes cut loose
puppets without strings
hurled into oblivion

the claws of demons
scathing flesh
severing limbs with the samurai's sword
vessels morphed white by death
left pale as the kabuki's stage

through the tongues of lucifer they muttered
unknowingly bringing the blade

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Introductions [18 Jan 2004|10:19pm]

Name: Chris/C4
Age: 20
Best Physical Feature(s): Eyes
Worst Physical Feature(s): Hands
Best Personality Trait(s): Understanding
Worst Personality Trait(s): Selfish
Things that inspire you: Emotion/Pain
When you started writing: When I was... 11?
Why you continued writing: Easiest way to express myself
Season you write most during: Fall and Early Winter
Favorite color & why: Jade... Never really thought why
Addictions: Constant sleep
Obsessions: Music
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Sanne And Cara [16 Jan 2004|06:15pm]
[ mood | unsure ]

They're walking down the hallway, hand-in-hand, again. They're a questionable pair. Before Cara's junior year, she hadn't even known Sanne. Now, they went everywhere together. Cara is a dark type of girl. She has shoulder length black hair and wears lime green contacts. She wears earth tones and glittering silver jewelry. Sanne is the lighter one with short, blonde ringlets and chocolate brown eyes. She wears a lot of pastel pinks, purples, and blues. She wears almost no jewelry, except for the tiny pearl earrings that one could only see by sitting an inch or so away from her.

"Oh Car!" Sanne exclaims, "We should take this class together, it would just be super great!"

"Sure," Cara replies, half-glancing at the piece of paper Sanne held.

"And then we could apply here for a job so we can stay together forever and ever." Sanne tells her.

"Yeah," Cara answers, shrugging.

Sanne grabbs Cara's hand again and pulls her arm close and hugs it.

"I love you, Car," Sanne whispers.

"Love you, too, Sanne," Cara says. "We should see if Evan and Aaron are here, yet." She looks out the window at the pouring rain.

"If I marry and Aaron and then you marry Evan, we should all live together," Sanne suggests. "It will be happy and ever and after."

"Promise?" Cara asks.

"Times ten!" Sanne promises.

Evan and Aaron show up at exactly 4:12PM. Sanne is all over Aaron, showering him with hugs and kisses. Cara grabs Evan's hand and looks deep into his eyes, smiling. They get into Sanne's maroon Camry, Sanne driving, Cara in front, Evan and Aaron in back. Driving to the movies, Sanne speeds through all of the you'll-never-make-it yellows, squealing each time she cuts someone off.

No one knows if she saw the truck or not. They pulled three lifeless bodies from the car that night. They found Sanne's body a few feet in front of the car, holding Cara's arm.

I feel a little unfinished with this one. Maybe it's a little unclear. I'm not sure.

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[16 Jan 2004|11:12am]

[ mood | curious ]

Name: David
Age: 22
Best Physical Feature(s): My eyes
Worst Physical Feature(s): The scars on my body (back, waist, back of waist, and a small one on the stomach)
Best Personality Trait(s): Able to make people laugh
Worst Personality Trait(s): Slightly stand-offish and distant when being met at first
Things that inspire you: The stars at night and sunrises and sunsets. But moreso, violent storms.
When you started writing: When I was in 9th grade
Why you continued writing: It's something I enjoy
Season you write most during: There is none
Favorite color & why: Blue, I just like it.
Addictions: None
Obsessions: None


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The Stars Are Brightly Shining [15 Jan 2004|02:23pm]
Emily stood before her reflection in her full-length mirror. She decided that her eyes matched the navy blue-flowered wallpaper in her bathroom. She picked at a zit her 14-year-old sister had commented on earlier, and watched the blood roll down her forehead. She dabbed at it with toilet paper, then leaned over the sink, resting her head against the mirror. She listened to her younger sister talk on the phone.

"Oh holy night . . ." Her sister sang out. "Emily sings that every year for Christmas, but this year I want to."

Emily wiped her face, and walked to her room.

It's supposed to be give or take 100 words long. Any suggestions? Or is it okay?
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Here: [15 Jul 2004|02:23pm]
This is where you may write anything inspiring and all that jazz, yes. Stories, poems, lyrics, etc. If you're new, fill this out & post it:

Best Physical Feature(s):
Worst Physical Feature(s):
Best Personality Trait(s):
Worst Personality Trait(s):
Things that inspire you:
When you started writing:
Why you continued writing:
Season you write most during:
Favorite color & why:
And pictures are optional. That is all. : )

here's mineCollapse )
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